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55 Million Years of Development

Why do we think we know better?

Complex. Complicated. Genius.

Anatomically, the foot is integral to the health of the horse. It has to carry their weight as well as absorb the impact of every step and jump in order to prevent lasting damage to the joints. What's more, it is heavily involved in maintaining circulation in the leg.

Strong. Flexible. Resilient.

The hoof is vital for the healthy and natural locomotion of a horse. The interaction of all its very important functions has been termed the "hoof mechanism".

Sensitive. Powerful. Healthy.

For all its strength, the hoof reacts flexibly to mechanical loading and is, by no means rigid. These mechanisms allow the horse to "feel" the ground.

Old. Proven. Perfect.

Hooves have been doing this for millions of years - because they were perfect. And still are! So, why should we think that we know better?

Your Turn

We won't try to persuade you. After all, this is your horse, your responsibility, your decision and your absolute right. We believe that a healthy horse does not need shoes, simply because it's perfect already. By nature.

Who's Who

Mark Hackland, a born and bred Edinburgh lad, didn't grow up with horses exactly but vividly remembers coal and milk being delivered on horse-drawn carts. His dad was a real lover of the Clydesdale and avid collector of horse figurines so it's maybe no surprise that, sooner or later, Mark would end up with a real life equine. Enter Boo, the now 18yo, gentle Clydesdale X Irish Draught giant. From the beginning, Boo suffered terrible problems with his feet and despite investing a lot of time and money in finding a solution his feet continued to deteriorate. As a last resort, Mark turned to an Equine Podiatrist for help and within a short while started to see an improvement. Such was his amazement at what could be achieved by going back to nature that Mark turned his back on his successful Martial Arts career to begin studying for his D.A.E.P. (Diploma of Applied Equine Podiatry). Some 3 years, a few thousand pounds and a good amount of blood, sweat and tears (some of it literal) later, he qualified in 2005 and Boo became his first client. And the rest is history, as they say...

What do we offer?

We offer the full range of Equine Podiatry Services from consultations over full and interim treatments to shoe removal and boot fitting. We trim all of our clients horses on a 4-6 week rotation, depending on their individual needs. Should you need any advice relating to your horses feet during that time, we are only a phone call away and happy to see you outside of your regular schedule.


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